Open House and Online Survey 

From late July to early August, Tualatin 2040 surveys were conducted online and in-person. 232 people responded (73 in-person and 159 online) and we asked for demographic and income information to inform engagement efforts. 
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Under One Roof: Discussion About Living and Working in Tualatin

On September 19th, around 40 community members attended a luncheon to hear from housing professionals about Tualatin's housing affordability needs and to discuss possible actions. 
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Who did we hear from? 

During the Tualatin 2040 project, we have been asking for ​demographic and income information from participants to see if we are reaching all of Tualatin. 
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Community Advisory meetings 

Come listen or talk to the Community Advisory Committee as they review housing and jobs data, rules, and goals. All meetings are for families with Spanish translation available. Venga a escuchar o hablar con el comité de la comunidad mientras revisan los datos, las reglas y los objetivos de vivienda y empleo. Todas las reuniones son para familias con traducción al español disponible.
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Your story is important / Su historia sobre vivir en Tualatin es importante

Your story about living in Tualatin is important to our housing study. The recording will be confidential, and we will contact you to ask if it can be shared. Su historia sobre vivir en Tualatin es importante y ayudará a informar nuestro estudio. El audio de su historia será confidencial y nos comunicaremos con usted para preguntarle si se puede compartir.

Anyone is invited to contact Karen Perl Fox at (503) 691-3027 or to set up an time to discuss the project. Se invita a cualquier persona a ponerse en contacto con Karen Perl Fox al (503) 691-3027 o para programar una hora para discutir el proyecto. 

Share your opinion! ¡Comparte tu opinion!

Show up to a meeting, contact City staff, or submit comments on this website. Help us by sharing our social media (Twitter , Instagram , or Facebook) and email updates. Venga a una reunión, póngase en contacto con el personal de la ciudad o envíe comentarios a través de este sitio web. Ayúdenos compartiendo nuestras redes sociales (Twitter, Instagram o Facebook) y actualizaciones por correo electrónico.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement 

Diversidad, Inclusión y Compromiso

In 2019, we planned and were intentional to conduct a community engagement process that took inclusive steps to reach a representative cross-section of Tualatin’s diverse community. En 2019, planeamos llevar a cabo un proceso de compromiso con la comunidad que tiene la intención de tomar medidas inclusivas para llegar a una sección representativa de la diversa comunidad de Tualatin.